I am a student of science, history, anthropology, archaeology and reason. These are what pay my bills, what secure the material items I need for daily life, and what have not meshed well with my early religious teachings. I have had what some would call supernatural experiences. I enjoy reading about others supernatural experiences and phenomenon. I am not a fan of the moral corruption seen in Hollywood, heard in modern pop music, or the hypocrisy of politics. There are days where I walk this world feeling like we have entirely abandoned God, where everywhere I turn there is corruption and greed.

But, one day I came across some information that made it all fall into place. The key to the puzzle. They key that provided AN answer to (note I’m not saying it is the absolute answer) and made much of the questions I have had lingering about science and religion suddenly have an answer I could explain.

  • Did primitive peoples really build the megaliths all across the world, a feat we could not perform today even with modern power equipment?
  • Why do we believe in ghosts and spirits? Are they really the spirits of our loved ones?
  • Is every evil attributed to Satan or does he have minions/demons who work for him as well?
  • Can demons really possess a body? Just who are these demons and why do they exist?
  • How can the patterns of dictatorships, massacres, genocides cycle throughout the generations with little interruption? It’s like a broken record skipping over and over again the same lyrics.
  • Why do people pray to Jesus and God asking for menial things like “please let us win our baseball game” or “please let me win the lottery” or attribute the smallest, unimportant events in our lives to God’s actions?
  • How could some self proclaimed religious people be so evil?
  • Just what in the world are flying saucers and aliens and why do some people believe they are one in the same with angels?
  • Why do many ‘pagan’ religions have similar creation and end time stories?
  • Why is the bible considered ‘hypocritical’?
  • Just how many ‘end time’ events have occurred since creation?
  • Is there math or astrology in the bible? How do the stars fit in?

These are just a few that I can think of for now. The clue to what has filled in the blanks for me will come soon in my blog posts. It is triggered in Genesis, and it led me on an adventure that opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities about our past both biblical and scientific.

It may bother some as I pepper in this information into translating scripture, but call it part of me putting the puzzle together in my own way. If the pieces truly do not fit, then I will not include those in the finished product. But it will be a learning process and an experiment, so I will be trying to fit these pieces in as they correlate.




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