I’ve been speed reading and am absolutely enthralled with my bible reading so far. I am at Leviticus 11 and will be turning around back to Genesis 1:1. This was one of my strategies in the past, read to a certain point, then turn around and start over to see what I missed or took out of context.

What my mind is computing from the imagery of the bible (ASV and KJV) is far different from what my young and innocent mind did when I first “read” the bible as a child. Far different from the church services and bible studies I participated in in the past. It’s a new world I’m seeing.

So it’s back to the beginning, where I will start my blog posts. My interpretations and impressions will not mesh with modern interpretations. I am not here to claim to know the truth, only to describe how my mind is envisioning the world of the Old Testament.


It didn’t take very long into my *journey* when I realized there were parallel stories going on in some cases. Not only that, there were multiple names of deities which, at least in modern times, are attributed to one deity, aka God. This did not make sense to me because many of these stories were contradictory or running on parallel tracks, so I’ve decided to go back through my blog and use the proper Hebrew names for the deities each time they occur in the text. So, here’s what you will see mentioned:

  • Every instance of the use of Elohim/Gods (plural)
  • Every instance of the use of Jehovah/The Lord/Yahweh (singular)
  • Every instance of the use of other “god” labels like El (generic term for god), El Shadday (God Almighty), El Elyon (God Most High) (singular)
  • Look for a surprise regarding the term “Baal”

You may tell yourself that these are all names for the same deity but I leave it to the texts to make that decision FOR ME. Especially when you acknowledge that not only is the word Elohim plural, Genesis 1 CLEARLY mentions the word “our” in regards to creation, stating that there are multiple deities involved in creation. You CAN NOT DENY THIS. If you do you are denying the words of the Bible. Hence I will make this distinction instead of fogging up the text as modern translations do to this day in regards to god labels.

The FACT that each name in each story has distinct characteristics that distinguish itself from the other names tell me they are NOT all the same and I will run with that until the TEXT TELLS ME OTHERWISE. After all, I have been told the Bible is inspired, factual, concrete and impermeable to criticism and contradictions (according to my Christian brothers). Sorry brothers, I let the text speak to me now, not you. It will say what it will say and it may offend some of you as I read it. All I can say is do your own research and leave all your prejudices and preconceived notions behind and let the text speak to you. You may be amazed at what you hear and read.

This is not an attempt to skew but to make more transparent and clear what the Bible is trying to say. Peace to you all in the name of Christ Jesus.


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