Genesis 5 – Gender and the mystery of Adam

We assume Adam was, what we would call today, a Man. Is this really the case? What does the Bible say?

Genesis 5:1 “… In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called THEIR name Adam, in the day when THEY were created.”

If you didn’t catch that, read it again. THEIR name was Adam. Not his name, not her name, THEIR name. Since when do two individuals receive one name? How about when they are one being? Also note, it does NOT say it was Jehovah God that created man, or in his likeness, but just God. This idea of a differentiation between Jehovah God and God may bother some but trust me it gets addressed in later scripture. Remember, in Genesis Book 1 there is absolutely no mention of Jehovah until Book 2 when the Garden of Eden and a different creation and mandate for man is described. Suddenly in book 5 the label Jehovah is removed when discussing the creation of man.

Just like I pointed out that Eve did not receive her name until they were taken out of the Garden of Eden, I believe there is more to this story than what is currently taught.

What is explained is that Jehovah God put Adam under a deep sleep, took a rib, created the woman, and sewed Adam back up. Jehovah God separated the woman out of the man that God created to create two beings.

  • God: Created Adam, being male and female as the verse describes
  • Jehovah God: Took the female out of Adam to create another being

Is this not what the verse says?

Adam! Please tell us, is this painting historically correct?

So what do you think? Was Adam initially a different type of being?


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