Genesis 12 – Jehovah instructs Abram. Road to Egypt.

In Genesis 11, Terah, father of Abram (a Chaldean?) takes his family out of Ur of Chaldee to a city named Haran (which is also the name of Abram’s deceased brother/Terah’s son). Abram is told by Jehovah to remove himself from his country of Haran and his kin and go to a land Jehovah chose for him. Jehovah will bless his seed. Those who bless Abram, Jehovah will bless, those who curse Abram, Jehovah will curse. Abram grabs his wife/cousin Sarai, his nephew, Lot and they leave their native Haran and travel south towards Canaan.

Geographical point of significance: the land Abram passed through where was found the Oak of Moreh.

And it’s noted the Canaanite is in the land (of Canaan which isn’t a shocker). Remember, Canaan was the son of Ham who was cursed by Noah, so these Canaanites are surely blood relatives of Abram through Shem, Ham’s brother.

Noah builds an altar on a mountain near Beth-el, calls upon the name of Jehovah, and continues to travel south, which points him to Egypt.

Genesis 12:10 – And there was a famine in the land: and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was sore in the land.

Abram Haran
The path of Abram?

Ok, here’s where most will stand back and say “If there is a famine, why couldn’t God fix it?” or, “Where is Jehovah who is supposed to be blessing Abram?”

All good questions that don’t get an answer except that: “it’s all part of the plan.” You would think it would be well under the power of God or Jehovah to not only fix a famine, but also get an outcome from their people without a complex and devastating set of events.

Another conclusion is that Egypt must not be suffering from the same drought to the north, otherwise Abram would continue sojourning until he found a land that was not under drought. He could’ve headed north, east, or west. Instead he heads south?

Is this drought documented historically? Archaeologically? I’d be interested to know if it was, it wouldn’t be just Abram that migrated out, so there would be mass migrations all over the place. Most droughts can also bring with them the fight for natural resources, the fall of civilizations, wars, and so on. Surely there is some record? More research to do but for now I stay within the Bible.


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