Where is/was God? Who protects the innocent? Gabri-El where art Thou?!

I’m back, I’m angry. My experience with seeing torment in a child’s eyes:

I watched as a young boy of 6 years, very innocent and quiet, a little feeble for his age, was minding his own business while his dad, his brothers, and his cousins were horsing around. The dad, out of nowhere, goes up to the boy, and pinches him on the chest, which, if it’s ever happened to you, and it’s done right, can sting like hell, especially if the pinch grabs enough nerves in the right spot to really bite. The boy shrieked out quietly, and in so much pain, he couldn’t even start crying because he was still grimacing and “stuck” inhaling air.

I will never forget the look of terror on his face, he looked around for help and no one cared. The man he calls his dad, the one who he looks up to, to protect him and be a role model, just inflicted a serious amount of pain for no reason at all. After all, the boy was just sitting down minding his own business. As soon as he starts to cry, his parent’s begin to chastise him: “Don’t cry, don’t be a baby… If you’re going to cry go outside so no one can hear  you… That didn’t hurt and you know it…”

As if the physical pain wasn’t enough, no one believed the pain he was feeling, and he runs off to his grandmother who comforts him. In between his gasping for air from crying, I can hear him in the distance crying out “He hurt me! He hurt me!” not understanding why his dad would do such a thing.

Physical and emotional pain from the most important man in his life. It’s one thing to try to toughen up a kid, it’s another to inflict pain and confusion for no reason at all. I could almost feel this little boy’s pain and I nearly cried.

Fast forward (well actually rewind back to 2013 but the story is in the news today)… a young boy of 8 years old spends 8 months of abuse and outright torture from his own mother and her boyfriend. When his body finally broke down from the abuse, his ‘parent’s’ finally decided to called 911. Paramedics arrive to find a boy covered in scars, bruises, and burns, barely clinging to life. In what some can say is now a relief, and someone PLEASE bless his poor soul, the boy passes away on the way to the hospital.

The mother and boyfriend were completely indifferent to the event. Neither one went with the boy in the ambulance. The mother was more concerned about her other children and her cats. The boyfriend, a 6’2″ 250 plus pound man, we learn, spent 8 months manhandling a completely defenseless 8 year old boy and showed no concern for him either as the boys limp body was wheeled into an ambulance.

Trying to imagine the fear and terror the boy must have felt EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF THOSE 8 MONTHS is absolutely soul crushing. There was NO ONE there to defend him. The woman who gave birth to him assisted in the abuse because, they thought, that the boy was ‘gay’. One of the medics recalled seeing that the young boy’s penis looked like it had been sliced, as if someone tried to cut it off.

I recall getting spanked as a young child and smarting from it for a few minutes, dealing with it emotionally for a day or so, then moving on because I knew I deserved it. This poor innocent child spent 8 MONTHS being brutalized and he probably didn’t even understand why, couldn’t do anything about it, couldn’t defend himself, and as we learn as the story unfolds, authorities gave a blind eye to the situation after being warned multiple times. I imagine what it would feel like to feel like the pinched little boy, looking around for help but no one is around, for 8 freaking months on end, without rest or reprieve, or a response.

Where was God? Jesus? Guardian Angels? ANYBODY?!

If you’re still not engaged in the premise of this story, imagine an 8 year old child being tortured, every day, from Easter until Christmas day, where he finally dies from the abuse.

I hear people, every day: “Thank God I got this job now I can buy a house… my kid got accepted to the university, God is good… I didn’t get hurt in a car accident I caused, I must have a guardian angel…. I fear nothing because I have Jesus… etc.”

What do you have to say about this child? You think God has prioritized that acceptance letter your child got in the mail over defending the life of an innocent child? You think God is more worried about your grades, you passing an exam, your car not breaking down, your spouse finding out they don’t have cancer instead of an innocent 8 year old getting beaten, tortured and dehumanized for months on end until he dies? I guess you do because you can not explain why the God you worship and praise abandoned this innocent, helpless, tortured child yet seemed to heap blessings upon you.

Tell me just where was your God when this boy spent the last months of his life in absolute terror? Was he more worried about making sure your kid’s leg wasn’t broken after a high school football game? Making sure you got that raise you’ve been praying for?

Get serious. This child had NO ONE, not one person on earth, not one entity in the heavens, come to his rescue. It’s like you are praising EMPTINESS. There is no justice in your praise. The only entity that came to his rescue was DEATH.

Oh, you can tell me that he’s safe in Jesus arms now and make yourself feel better about the whole situation by squeezing this square block of child torture into the round circle you call your faith, trying to convince me that it all fits and is all part of a master plan, that the ends justify the means, but I say garbage. Where was Jesus when this boy feared the torture he’d endure every night when his mom’s boyfriend came home? What did Jesus say about hurting children? Was Jesus more concerned about whether you went to church on Sunday or more concerned about who virtue signaled the most during fellowship and prayer?

This poor boy suffered immensely for 8 months and died in the hands of strangers. There was no God nor Jesus by his side, just some medics performing CPR as he slowly faded away. Apparently these great entities were both too busy dealing with everyone elses daily matters to protect a poor innocent boy.

This may be the worst news story I’ve ever heard. Yes, I understand there are terrible things going on all around us, but this one hit a nerve.

For 8 long months, over 240 days and nights (in biblical terms, more than SIX Great Floods of Noah could have occurred in this time), neither God, Jesus, or any of the many Guardian Angels you give thanks and praise to every day for your menial daily blessings, could take the time to protect and defend this child.

I know people do pray for the unnamed lowly, the sick, the lonely, the hungry, the downtrodden, the helpless, the abused of the world who we don’t know but we know are out there. When I attended church, we did it all the time. Were our prayers answered in this case?

And you wonder why people say “God is dead”.

It seems the only prayers that are answered, are those ones we constantly hear about that deal with peoples individual lives, health, and possessions.

When you tell me God blesses you everyday, I say either you are full of it, or the God you praise so much isn’t all cracked up as you make him out to be, especially if he prioritizes putting giant portions of food on your table and a house over your head while an 8 year old gets tortured to death.

On that note, I am restarting this journal. People’s notions of God and Jesus mingling in their daily lives is preposterously skewed. I would love to see what the God is good crowd would tell this innocent little child who could have used God’s protection after he spent 8 months getting beaten to death.

The death of helpless pups, whelps, calves, etc happen often in the animal kingdom. You tell me we live in the Kingdom of God. Which kingdom do we live in when a helpless 8 year old boy spends 8 months of being tortured and eventually dies? The Kingdom of God? Preposterous.

You tell me it’s a FACT that you are blessed by God, your beliefs are FACT, the bible is FACT. Well I got a FACT for you: For 8 months while your God was busy  blessing you, he ignored the torture of this helpless child that led to his death. Who needed God more during these 8 months and, according to you, who did God favor?

Some might ask: “Why would God let this happen?” I’ve heard so many answers. Seems every Christian has an answer usually followed by a hand picked flowery verse from the Bible. I give props to one Pastor on the radio when asked this question, honestly and bluntly answered: “I don’t know.” Sir, thank you for being honest and not trying to make up an answer.

But, the bible gives us a clue.

Let’s take a look at the deity, the Lord/Jehovah/YHWH, god of the Old Testament, he chastised the Israelite’s for passing their children through the fires of Moloch but never mentioned stopping the sacrifices from happening in the first place, so it seems there is precedence to not stop or prevent child abuse and murder even in Biblical times.

You would worship a god that allows helpless children to be sacrificed by their own parents? How do you explain that? Do you worship out of fear?

It’s one thing to punish the wicked adult Israelite’s for their actions, but to let the innocent children still in the need of protection from evil pass through the fires of Moloch at the hands of their parents? Where was the sword and shield of God we hear glorified in the flowery verses of Psalms? Seems he only comes to the rescue in times of war. Sacrifice a child to Moloch? Silence, until he finally decides to punish the parents, but guess what? The child was BURNED AS A SACRIFICE TO MOLOCH!

What did Jesus say about harming children??

His name is Gabriel Fernandez. They tried to cut his penis off. His mom broke his teeth with a bat. Her boyfriend beat and burned him and forced him to eat cat feces. He slept in a small cabinet every night. He was too little, too helpless, too outnumbered to protect himself. There is another powerful being named Gabriel who could have intervened and helped this child namesake: Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Gabriel did not help him. Archangel Gabriel was nowhere to be found.

What sin did this poor child commit to deserve being ignored by all the heavenly powers you worship? Do you understand yet?

When I was 8 years old I remember telling my mom that I was finally beginning to understand things in the world. This 8 year old never even had a chance, not even with an almighty God in Heaven.


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