Genesis 2:11 Good Gold and More

What piqued my interest was the description of Havilah, where there is not only good Gold and Onyx (a precious metal and precious stone), but also bdellium, a resin probably once used as an incense (and now used for makeup brushes).

So why the mention? What was the author trying to portray? Obviously these 3 materials were of importance to the culture at the time the words were put into writing, but there is no mention of it’s significance to the Garden of Eden, to Jehovah God, or to Adam and Eve.

The author wanted the reader to know there were good things in Havilah. So is there a place in the Middle East where we can find these three valued materials?

I don’t know. I will research but I will say this. The instant I read this verse I thought of the Annunaki, who according to Sumerian texts, came to this planet to mine for Gold. Who also have a creation story that archaeologically speaking, pre-dates the Bible with many similarities.

I will say this, I will continue to look into the significance of these three materials. In our culture, gold is highly valuable for it’s decorative nature. But we must remember that gold has industrial value as well, and value is often culturally defined. For some people in this world, Gold was merely a decoration and other precious stones were more valuable. For others, Gold was so valuable it resulted in slavery, greed and death.

What would you do for a nice chunk of Gold? Would you stay in possession of a gold plated bible? I know there will be more Gold references later in the Bible so I look forward to seeing how it is portrayed and why.
A God approved Bible? Is owning Gold a good thing in God’s eyes? Gold was obviously important in Genesis Book 2. Is it just a mere metal or is there more to this story?

Genesis Book 2 – Creation Contradictions

Please read and analyze

Genesis 1:28 says God created man and woman and mandated their dominion over the earth. Verse 29 says that God gave man and woman “every herb yielding seed” and Verse 30 “every green¬† herb for food” and mandates them to go forth and multiply.

Yet in Genesis 2:5 we are told “And no plant of the field was yet in the earth, and no herb of the field had yet sprung up” because there was no man to till the earth.


Unless Book 2 is rewinding and going over the details of Book 1, this doesn’t make much sense, and even if it is rewinding, the order of creation is different (see paragraph below). The phrase “in the earth” is probably primarily translated as “the world” but does it really say that? Could this verse be describing a particular spot in “the earth”? I’ve got “earth” in my front yard, but that does not equate with the entire world. So why is it translated so?

In Book 1 God made animals first and THEN made man. In Book 2, Jehovah God creates man and THEN animals. What’s going on here? See the difference? Is there a difference between God in Book 1 and Jehovah God in book 2?

Genesis 2:7 “Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground”. But we are told man was already formed in Genesis 1:26. Was this a different type of man? Also, Genesis 2:7 does not specify that this was the FIRST man. It’s an assumption we all make. Wasn’t there already another man created? If so then Adam is NOT the first man. Maybe the first man of a certain lineage but Book 1 tells us man was already made. To lead us a bit, we are immediately introduced to a geographical reference in Genesis 2:8 where we are introduced to Eden, which is “eastward”… but eastward from where? This “where” is HUGE to know. Because I believe that Genesis Book 2 is simply a description of creation of man and culture in a SPECIFIC area on earth. Which specific area? Look to Genesis 2:11 where the four rivers are described that define this area: Pishon that encompasses Havilah, Gihon which encompasses Cush, Hiddekel which is in front of Assyria, and lastly the Euphrates (which for some reason didn’t need any further clarification).

Remember the “go forth and multiply” mandate of Book 1? In Genesis 2:15 Jehovah God puts man in the Garden of Eden and assigns him to dress and keep the garden. What happened to the mandate of go forth and multiply? This particular man was created to tend to the Garden. Not only that, woman wasn’t even created for him to procreate with at this point in verse. Yet we are in Book 2 after the mandate to go forth and multiply?

We are told that it is a simple continuation of Book 1, but it clearly is not. We can try to force the issue and just pretend these distinctions don’t exist, but this is not what the Word is telling us.

My theory: Adam is not the first man of the planet earth. He is the first man of the earth in the land defined by Jehovah God.  This theory gets supported further in upcoming books where Jehovah clearly defines his domain with CLEAR borders and delineation: the Tigris, Euphrates, the sea, and the wilderness.

To finish Genesis Book 2, Jehovah God forms animals from the ground and populates the fields and the heavens (skies). Jehovah God then performs what we would call an intensive surgery by putting Adam under (aka a “deep sleep”), cutting him open, removing a rib, and then closing his flesh back up. From Adam’s rib was created woman and the cultural norm of what we call marriage was instantly defined.

This is a cultural norm, in some cultures the woman leaves her family to join the man’s, and in this case and culture, men leave their family to join the woman.

Artist Rendition of the Garden of Eden. Remember this garden is “eastward” of an important Biblical site briefly mentioned in Genesis

So at this point, Adam, Eve and animals created by Jehovah God roam the Garden of Eden. What is happening in the rest of the world? Most Christians assume nothing because the Bible does not mention it and they assume this is the beginning of all life on earth (despite the words of Book 1).


Genesis Book 1 – The Creation and 7 Days

I’ve got to say one of the more fascinating books I’ve read over and over. Absolutely full of potential interpretations… here I go:

What can be said about the first sentence: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Even the non-religious are familiar with this phrase. It’s ambiguous and must be maddening to those of non-faith who want to know exactly how it happened.

God begins to form creation and labels it in its various forms. God creates the “firmament” aka heaven aka I interpret as the sky above. We believe there is water on the surface of the earth, Genesis says there is water above and below the firmament. On the lower surface (God calls Earth) he separates the water on the surface to form land.

What about the waters above the firmament? How does that mesh with modern knowledge? Well it’s not hard to see, when it rains, water comes from above, hence the waters above. Also remember water can be 3 phases, liquid, solid, vapor. Is the reference to the water above reference to the moisture that is ever present in our atmosphere? The blue sky of the day which is reflected in the blue waters below?

For those not familiar, but who believe the words of the Bible, look up “Flat Earth” theory. This theory meshes with the bible description (and other global cultures BTW) that the earth sits on 4 corners and, be careful here, is NOT a spinning globe. Walk softly with this theory because it will bring a wrath upon you from the “globers.”

Genesis 1:11 – God asks the earth to put forth grass and herbs, fruit bearing trees. 1:12 “and the earth brought forth grass, herbs yielding seed… trees bearing fruit…” and the day was complete. My instant impression: We know that grass and trees do not seed and fruit in one day, it can take weeks if not months or, for some trees, years. This “one day” that is referenced, can it possible be referring to another time gauge, one that does not reference the day as defined by the rising and setting of the sun? Could it be that in these days the sun “day” was much longer than the 24 hours we know of? Or, did the plants, upon the command of God, fast forward their growth to put forth their seeds and fruit in one day as commanded. I’ve heard the argument that the days referenced in the Old Testament are different from the 24 hour days of today. I will look for more clues in upcoming verse.

Genesis 1:14 – God creates the lights in the firmament (stars and the two great lights: Sun and the Moon). “… let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years…” Much like today and among cultures around the world, the stars are used for horoscopes (constellation signs), seasons/days/years as sky watchers mapped the star patterns that would indicate to them changes in seasons and other portents that would include planting, harvesting, war, migrations and other important cultural events. Entire calendars can be based on the stars. This is important because I believe there are commands later on in the Bible that people do not participate in the foretelling of the future or portents, so I will be looking for that reference to. The 4th day.

The 5th day: God creates the animals in the water and in the sky. I like the “sea-monster” reference. Most would picture whales, but I wonder what other creature may be being referenced to here. The Leviathan? This day God creates the animals of the sky and the waters and commands them to be fruitful and multiply.

The 6th day God creates earth bound creatures, including man. 1:26: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” Key word here: OUR. Who was God speaking to? Could there be other “gods”? Was he referring to the Angels that accompanied him during the creation? One thing is for sure, we look like God and whoever else he was speaking to. God is in our form… BUT WAIT! In future verses God walks the earth as man, but when as Jehovah with the Israelites, he is in a form that has to have a container and shield around him. Where I go with this information will not be liked by many and will expound when I get there. For now, I understand we are made in God’s image. Also it is here that God gave man dominion over the rest of the creation, which by many modern humans has been their license to completely ravage God’s creation by poisoning the air, water, food, and life around us. Truly difficult to come to terms with at times.

“And he rested on the seventh day” hence the Sabbath as defined in the Old Testament. When I first read this I wondered: Just what does ‘rested’ mean? We know what it means for us, we are exhausted, our bodies or minds tire, and we need to be in a state of sleep or relaxation to rejuvenate. Why would God need rest? In a sense, I saw God as a machine that was shut down for a day. (BTW by machine I don’t mean an actual powered mechanism that runs on energy sources such as gasoline or electricity, though I have met some who interpret it so.) Or an energy force that no longer worked upon its creation and dissipated away. Fact of the matter, I believe there is more to “God rested” than what most people believe. More on that later.

Genesis Book 1 complete.



I’ve been speed reading and am absolutely enthralled with my bible reading so far. I am at Leviticus 11 and will be turning around back to Genesis 1:1. This was one of my strategies in the past, read to a certain point, then turn around and start over to see what I missed or took out of context.

What my mind is computing from the imagery of the bible (ASV and KJV) is far different from what my young and innocent mind did when I first “read” the bible as a child. Far different from the church services and bible studies I participated in in the past. It’s a new world I’m seeing.

So it’s back to the beginning, where I will start my blog posts. My interpretations and impressions will not mesh with modern interpretations. I am not here to claim to know the truth, only to describe how my mind is envisioning the world of the Old Testament.


I am a student of science, history, anthropology, archaeology and reason. These are what pay my bills, what secure the material items I need for daily life, and what have not meshed well with my early religious teachings. I have had what some would call supernatural experiences. I enjoy reading about others supernatural experiences and phenomenon. I am not a fan of the moral corruption seen in Hollywood, heard in modern pop music, or the hypocrisy of politics. There are days where I walk this world feeling like we have entirely abandoned God, where everywhere I turn there is corruption and greed.

But, one day I came across some information that made it all fall into place. The key to the puzzle. They key that provided AN answer to (note I’m not saying it is the absolute answer) and made much of the questions I have had lingering about science and religion suddenly have an answer I could explain.

  • Did primitive peoples really build the megaliths all across the world, a feat we could not perform today even with modern power equipment?
  • Why do we believe in ghosts and spirits? Are they really the spirits of our loved ones?
  • Is every evil attributed to Satan or does he have minions/demons who work for him as well?
  • Can demons really possess a body? Just who are these demons and why do they exist?
  • How can the patterns of dictatorships, massacres, genocides cycle throughout the generations with little interruption? It’s like a broken record skipping over and over again the same lyrics.
  • Why do people pray to Jesus and God asking for menial things like “please let us win our baseball game” or “please let me win the lottery” or attribute the smallest, unimportant events in our lives to God’s actions?
  • How could some self proclaimed religious people be so evil?
  • Just what in the world are flying saucers and aliens and why do some people believe they are one in the same with angels?
  • Why do many ‘pagan’ religions have similar creation and end time stories?
  • Why is the bible considered ‘hypocritical’?
  • Just how many ‘end time’ events have occurred since creation?
  • Is there math or astrology in the bible? How do the stars fit in?

These are just a few that I can think of for now. The clue to what has filled in the blanks for me will come soon in my blog posts. It is triggered in Genesis, and it led me on an adventure that opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities about our past both biblical and scientific.

It may bother some as I pepper in this information into translating scripture, but call it part of me putting the puzzle together in my own way. If the pieces truly do not fit, then I will not include those in the finished product. But it will be a learning process and an experiment, so I will be trying to fit these pieces in as they correlate.




It all started after a tense but friendly discussion in which my counterpart was quoting and interpreting scripture in a way that seemed, in my opinion very non Christian. I was witnessing a Christian pick and choose Old Testament scripture to justify the annihilation of an entire group of modern peoples. It had been a long time since I had truly studied the bible, so I was unable to point out scripture that countered his arguments.

Ironically, that same week, I began to use an abandoned office at work. It was abandoned in the sense that the individual who used to use the office was laid off 5 years earlier and the office remained unused, so entering it was basically going back in time when this person received their pink slip, gathered their personal belongings and left the job site for good. Strewn all over the walls were memes, scriptures and quotes. Seek Jesus, the Lord is My Shepherd, 9/11 Never Forget, President Bush – My President, I am the way the truth the life, etc. As I began to organize and make space for my work equipment, I removed a small poster off of a cabinet only to find a hidden poster under it.

It was a printout of what a 5-day weather outlook would look like, and at the top, it said Afghanistan. Monday through Thursday showed generic weather predictions. Friday, however, was nothing but a mushroom cloud. Was putting up a poster indicating the nuclear assault of Afghanistan a Christian thing to do?

I said, “That’s IT!” The bible I read as a child, a teen, and a young adult, and the teachings I received through the church did not mesh, AT ALL, with what I was seeing from many war mongering, hate feeling, and egotistical people who called themselves Christians. Christians acting extremely non Christian is what chased me away from the church and group study to begin with. Suddenly it was coming full circle I was beginning to encounter them more and more in my daily life.

Disclaimer: I am not saying all Christians are like this, I have met many to the contrary, but for some reason I seem to be engaging the war mongering Christians more often and, because it’s been so long since I last studied scripture, I found myself unable to specifically counter their arguments with the only thing that they will listen to besides their pastor or a local questionable Christian radio station: Other Scripture.

So here I go, it’s back to the Bible. Testament by Testament, Book by book, Chapter by Chapter, Verse by Verse. This is going to be a long journey, I am going to be analyzing the King James Version verse by verse, adding my analysis, interpretation, and most of all, my questions. I am not claiming to be right in my translation, but I do pray to God in Jesus name to help me be wise in my reading and to seek out knowledge in the hopes I may share it, right or wrong, with other Christians and create a discourse that leads to better understanding for us all.

Let us begin…